The virtual dementia bus on tour

As part of Dementia Awareness Week 2017 we are highlighting the excellent work and training carried out every day by dedicated social service workers.

Occupational Therapist and social service Dementia Champion, Alison Smith tells us about recent awareness sessions she held on the Dementia Experience Bus.

East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership in partnership with Training 2 Care (UK) Ltd and Xexperience Training Ltd offered 72 health and social care workers the opportunity to take part in innovative dementia training and give them an experience of what having dementia might be like and help improve practice.

The Virtual Dementia Tour gives workers an opportunity to walk in the world of people living with dementia and then change the environment and their practice to potentially allow people with dementia to stay at home longer and improve their care.

Here’s what some participants had to say about their virtual experience.

‘Best training I have ever attended.’

‘It should be mandatory for all people working with dealing with someone with dementia.’

‘I want all of my staff/carers to attend this training.’

I suppose my lasting impression was people said they would approach people with dementia in a different way now they have experienced what it might be like to have dementia themselves and most said they would change their practice.

Others spoke about the feeling of having dementia as being ‘scary, intimidating, confusing and creating a feeling of vulnerability’.

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