Dementia Ambassadors making an impact

More than 800 Dementia Ambassadors across social services are helping improve the quality of life for people living with dementia, their families and carers across Scotland.

Dementia Ambassadors are people whose role is to share good dementia practice and support staff learning in relation to supporting people with dementia. Most Dementia Ambassadors are working at the skilled level of Promoting Excellence.

The SSSC works closely with Dementia Ambassadors to develop and support them in that role. Although most work in social services, we also have a fire fighter, head teacher, librarian, learning and development staff. 58% of the Dementia Ambassador network is from the independent sector, 29% from the statutory sector and 13% from third sector organisations.

Dementia Ambassadors have told us they have helped improve the lives of people with dementia by raising awareness of dementia learning resources, giving guidance and support, providing learning and sharing good practice with colleagues. The chance to meet other Dementia Ambassadors to share ideas and experiences they can take back to their own places of work is also important.

As one employer recently said: ‘I feel our Dementia Ambassadors hugely contribute to the needs of the service as in our home almost all of the residents have dementia. It is hugely important to have a well-trained, motivated and knowledgeable workforce. This makes sure the residents in our care are receiving appropriate care. Staff are aware how to act in certain situations and who to come to for advice or coaching.’

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