Protecting children and young people – how our multi-professional resource can help you understand everyone’s roles

Professionals working together and understanding each other’s role plays a vital part in protecting children and young people and comes up as a critically important issues time and again.

You can develop your knowledge and understanding of how to work together by using our web-based multi-professional simulator which we created to enable workers supporting children and families to develop their assessment and decision-making skills. Based around a fictitious family, this learning resource provides a safe environment for professionals to assess information then choose from a range of actions. This in turn leads to outcomes for the child and his family resulting from the choices of the worker.

Underpinning this resource is content from different professionals – a social worker, an early years worker, a health visitor, a guidance teacher and a speech and language therapist. To make sure the content is as accurate, realistic and current as possible, we asked professionals working in each of these roles to write from their perspective. This includes how they assessed information about the child and his family in line with their roles and responsibilities.

At the start of the resource, you can choose which professional you want to be. This means you are able to get an understanding of how that professional manages the information they have. It also means you are able to see the options available for actions based on this information; this is one of the strengths of this learning resource. We have qualitative feedback from workers that they found it very useful to help them understand the roles and responsibilities of other professionals when supporting children and their families.

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