Where will your life changing career take you?

Do you want to develop a career in Scotland’s social services?

Whether you are already working or just getting started our new interactive career pathways will help you uncover where your career in social services could take you. You can view the pathways on your computer or on any smart phone or tablet.

With the right values and attitude you can expect to have a successful career working with and supporting others. You can also gain qualifications and progress to a number of different professional roles.

There are three main pathways to explore:

  • working with children and young people
  • working with adults
  • social work.

Once you’ve explored the pathways you can find more advice in our other resources like our careers booklet and use our interactive quiz to test your values and help you get ready for job interviews.

Six key facts about working in social services

  1. 1 in 13 people in Scotland are employed in social service roles.
  2. The largest group of workers support people in their own homes.
  3. The workforce is increasing each year and there are many job opportunities, including in early learning and childcare and care at home.
  4. Social workers were the first professional group to register with the SSSC. By 2020 over 60% of all social service workers will be registered.
  5. There are supports and services for children, young people, families, adults, older people, people with convictions, people with disabilities and people with mental health issues.
  6. Unless you want to be a social worker, you can start work in social services without a qualification but you must be willing to achieve one by an agreed date (usually five years, or the first period of your registration with the SSSC).

Are you a learning provider or careers advisor?

You can invite an Ambassador for Careers in Care to speak to your students or clients about working in social services

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