What you told us when we asked ‘What matters to you?’

Earlier this month at an event in partnership with Scottish Care we asked the question ‘What matters to you?’ to the Scottish Care Palliative and End of Life Care for Care Homes workforce group.

We asked the group ‘What matters to you?’ for What matters to you day 2017 which was on 6 June.

SSSC Learning and Development Adviser, Alison Guthrie said:

‘We did this as a ‘check in’ exercise for care at home staff – to set the scene and establish a relationship with everyone who came along.  It highlighted and helped each attendee understand how we as individuals, even at a work event, do not lose sight of what is important to us.

‘With having this insight, it helps us in our work and the people we work with find the best way forward for them.

‘By having a different type of conversation about the things that really matter to the person it helps you do your job more effectively and it helps the person to live the sort of life which is meaningful and fulfilling for them – it’s a win win!’

About the Scottish Care Palliative and End of Life Care for Care Homes workforce group

The group are involved with and wanted to know more about palliative and end of life care and discussed the Scottish Care report ‘Trees that bend in the wind’ and the framework for Action on Palliative and End of Life Care at the event.

Some of the things that mattered to the attendees were:

Family and friends

Making a difference

Having a good work/life balance

Having time to read a good book.

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