Do you have a lot of applications to endorse? A two stage approach to endorsing applications can make the endorsement process simpler


Some organisations are going to have large numbers of people to get registered from October so to help things run smoothly it is important to have as easy and efficient a process as possible. One thing you can do is set up a two stage endorsement process.

When endorsing an application for registration, we ask you for information about the dates the worker started with your organisation and the date they started working in their current role, we also ask for Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) information. Sometimes the countersignatory endorsing the application will not know some of this information so to make this easier you can set up a two stage approach to completing an endorsement.

This means one person in your organisation can provide information about the workers employment details and PVG dates and then it would be ready for the countersignatory to carry out the endorsement.

Setting up a two stage process

To do this you would limit the list of countersignatories that the worker can choose from on MySSSC (our online service) to only those who will be able to provide the details about employment and PVG. Once the first countersignatory has completed the employment information they would then choose an appropriate countersignatory to complete the endorsement.

To set this up the lead countersignatory should:

  1. choose option two from the list of actions in MySSSC
  2. then choose to edit each of the countersignatories that should only complete the second stage by ticking the box ‘stage 2 countersignatory’.

If you are not sure how to do this, the lead countersignatory can email the details and we can make this change.

Once this is set up, it means that your workers will only see the list of people who will carry out the first stage of endorsement making it easier for them to select the correct countersignatory. It will also eliminate any internal processes you might have in place to get all the information you need to complete an endorsement so it should make the process quicker and more straightforward for both you and your workers.

Log in to MySSSC to make this change.

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