Would you like to work with us?

SSSC Council Member vacancy

Scottish Ministers wish to fill an SSSC Council Member position with an SSSC registrant.

Our Council has 10 members, including the Convener, who come from a variety of backgrounds and must include SSSC registrants and users of care services.

Have you got what we need?

We’d be delighted to hear from you if you can:

  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the social service environment in Scotland
  • understand strategic planning and managing change
  • analyse and review complex issues
  • work effectively as part of a team with effective communication and interpersonal skills.

SSSC staff join Council Members after a recent meeting

What the role involves

The Council has corporate responsibility for ensuring the SSSC fulfils the aims and objectives set by Scottish Ministers and promotes the efficient, effective and accountable governance of the organisation. The Council provides challenge, support, strategic leadership and direction which focuses on agreed outcomes. As a member you will work with the Convener, Chief Executive and other members to discharge the functions of the Council, which include:

  • establishing the overall strategic direction of the SSSC, within the policy, planning and resources framework agreed with Scottish Ministers
  • determining the allocation of resources to address these priorities
  • ensuring the implementation of Council decisions and strategies
  • overseeing the performance management of the Council’s activities and achievements of its aims.

The closing date is 16 August 2017.

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