Family member reaches dementia skilled level in Promoting Excellence


Jack Gardener, whose wife Jean is a resident at Balhousie Forth View Care Home in Fife, has become the first family member of a resident in a Balhousie care home to reach dementia skilled level in Promoting Excellence in dementia care.

On his daily visits to his wife, Jack found out about the Dementia Skilled Improving Practice sessions and Dementia Ambassador, Anna Anderson arranged for him to join sessions to improve his understanding of dementia.

Jack has now worked through the modules to complete his dementia learning and become the first family member of a Balhousie resident to do so.

Jack said:

‘I enjoyed learning more about dementia by completing the modules with the staffs’ help. Each module is different and some were more relevant to me than others. As Jean’s dementia is at a more advanced stage, I found module 4 particularly interesting with lots of up to date knowledge. I would say to other people to do it, if for no other reason than to improve your own knowledge and be able to support your loved one.’

Yvonne Manson, Balhousie Care Groups dementia consultant, added:

‘Our Dementia Strategy and Dementia Ambassador programme includes the ambition to support staff and families to increase their knowledge and skills. I am overjoyed that Jack asked Anna about this and that, with the agreement of the manager at Forth View Care Home, we now have our first family member complete the Dementia Skilled level of the Promoting Excellence framework. I admire Jack for taking the time to complete the modules and look at ways he can support his wife.’

Balhousie Care Group’s Dementia Ambassadors

Each of the Balhousie Care Group’s 24 care homes in east and central Scotland has at least two Dementia Ambassadors. As well as developing their skills in working with people living with dementia, one of their roles is to help implement the group’s dementia strategy. Balhousie have nearly 80 Dementia Ambassadors.

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