Scotland’s third national dementia strategy 2017-2020 launched

The Scottish Government recently published Scotland’s third national dementia strategy.

The strategy for 2017-2020 was produced in collaboration with colleagues from across health, social care and the third sector including direct input from people with dementia, their families and carers facilitated through National Dialogue events in 2016 and 2017.

The new strategy builds on the work of the first and second dementia strategies and contains 21 new commitments with a continued focus on priorities of post diagnostic support and integrated care as well as looking at support for people in the more advanced stages of dementia and palliative and end of life care.

At the heart is a focus on providing a more personalised approach to post diagnostic support, which will help people with dementia and those who care for them achieve the outcomes that matter to them. This personal outcomes approach aligns with and underpins many Scottish Government policies such as self-directed support and integration.

The strategy recognises the positive impact of the Promoting Excellence  in Dementia Care Knowledge and Skills Framework and associated learning and development resources already used by tens of thousands of health and social service staff. There is a continued commitment to further implement and develop the framework over the next three years.

Developed by the SSSC and NHS Education for Scotland  the Promoting Excellence Framework supports staff to:

  • understand the knowledge and skills expected of you in your role
  • identify and explore areas of strengths or gaps in learning
  • prepare for work-based qualifications and registration
  • create job descriptions and outlines for workers
  • assess and develop the content of learning programmes.

Promoting Excellence defines four levels of knowledge and skills which help staff identify learning needs and plan appropriate learning activities.

A commitment to provide timely and well-coordinated care will be supported by the continued use and development of Alzheimer Scotland’s five pillar and eight pillar models of post diagnostic support.

Increasing the use of technology in line with the Technology Charter is another priority to contribute to good outcomes for people with dementia and their families alongside the development of further dementia friendly communities.

The Scottish Government will establish a broad based national governance group to oversee monitoring and implementation of the new strategy. This group will include people with dementia, carers and staff from the integrated health and social care partnerships.

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