Does your worker have a registration condition?

When a registrant completes a qualification that meets the condition on their registration they need to send us a verified photocopy of the qualification gained or upload it to their ... Continue Reading →

Receive an email when one of your workers is lapsed from the Register

Helping you manage registration for your workers A lead countersignatory can nominate up to three people in their organisation to receive an email when we lapse one of your workers. ... Continue Reading →

What happens when an application for registration is withdrawn or rejected?

Helping you manage registration for your workers We will tell you when applications for registration are withdrawn or rejected. When we make a decision to withdraw or reject an application ... Continue Reading →

Have you registered in the last year?

Remember to pay your annual fee. If you’re newly registered it’s important you remember to pay your annual fee. If you don’t, your registration will lapse and you will not be ... Continue Reading →

Changes to our Registration Rules

Our Registration Rules (the Rules) have been updated. The Rules set out how we go about registering people working in social services.  There are changes that may affect you. We are ... Continue Reading →

Does your organisation have an SSSC countersignatory?

All new applications must be endorsed by a countersignatory so all organisations need to have one.  Over 80% of social service organisations have an SSSC countersignatory and most ... Continue Reading →

Your registration certificate

Did you know that you can view and print your SSSC registration certificate at any time on MySSSC? This means you can provide an up to date, valid registration certificate to your ... Continue Reading →

New requirements for endorsing applications

From 1 December 2015 all applications for registration must be endorsed by a countersignatory already approved by the SSSC. After 1 December 2015, if an application is submitted to ... Continue Reading →

Is MySSSC working for you?

Over the last year we’ve gathered feedback from employers on how MySSSC is working for them, what aspects of MySSSC is making managing the registration of workers easier and to find ... Continue Reading →

Condition for registation not met?

When a worker applies for registration and they don’t have the right qualification we can grant registration with the condition that they gain the qualification within a set timescale. There ... Continue Reading →