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Getting support for your CLF journey

SSSC Help CentreThe SSSC help centre is here to answer your questions on things that matter to you. In this issue Ian Fricker, SSSC Project Officer answers your questions about how ... Continue Reading →
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What impact is the CLF making?

It is now four years since we published the Continuous Learning Framework (CLF). Since December 2008 you have given us lots of examples of how the CLF is making a positive difference ... Continue Reading →
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Success in Europe!

Recently, two Workforce Development and Planning staff Fiona Clark and Ian Fricker, presented a workshop about the Continuous Learning Framework (CLF)  at the annual European Social ... Continue Reading →

Having a CLF conversation

The Continuous Learning Framework (CLF) sets out what people working in social services need to be able to do their jobs well now and in the future and what their employer needs to ... Continue Reading →

Using the CLF in practice

Linda Paterson at Clackmannanshire Council tells us how they’ve integrated the Continuous Learning Framework (CLF) into their own performance review and development (PRD) system. Why ... Continue Reading →
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Getting to the root of social work practice skills and personal capabilities

With the SSSC Continuous Learning Framework (CLF) rolling out in services across Scotland we aim to showcase how you’re using it in practice, bringing you regular examples in SSSC ... Continue Reading →