Does your housing support or care at home service have an SSSC countersignatory?

A countersignatory is someone in a social service organisation who is a main point of contact for the SSSC. Countersignatories endorse applications for registration to confirm competence, ... Continue Reading →

Does your worker have a registration condition?

When a registrant completes a qualification that meets the condition on their registration they need to send us a verified photocopy of the qualification gained or upload it to their ... Continue Reading →

Receive an email when one of your workers is lapsed from the Register

Helping you manage registration for your workers A lead countersignatory can nominate up to three people in their organisation to receive an email when we lapse one of your workers. ... Continue Reading →

Is MySSSC working for you?

Over the last year we’ve gathered feedback from employers on how MySSSC is working for them, what aspects of MySSSC is making managing the registration of workers easier and to find ... Continue Reading →

Compulsory registration update for managers and service providers of care home service for adults

Registration becomes compulsory for support workers in care home services for adults on 30 September (find out what “support workers” means here). Registration is also compulsory ... Continue Reading →

Keeping your registration up to date

Have you checked your MySSSC lately? It’s a good idea to log into your MySSSC account periodically so you’re aware of deadlines relating to your registration and also ... Continue Reading →

New MySSSC feature now available

A new document uploading feature on MySSSC makes it easier for applicants, registrants and employers to send us information. We’ve already had a positive response from people ... Continue Reading →

Registration of support workers in care home services for adults

Since January 2014 to March 2015 we’ve received over 20,000 applications from support workers in care home services for adults. We estimate that 3,500  support workers have ... Continue Reading →

MySSSC for employers

MySSSC is the SSSC’s online service for applicants, registrants, employers and  universities. In this issue we look at how Caroline Wilson, Human Resources Assistant, East Lothian ... Continue Reading →