Does your housing support or care at home service have an SSSC countersignatory?

A countersignatory is someone in a social service organisation who is a main point of contact for the SSSC. Countersignatories endorse applications for registration to confirm competence, ... Continue Reading →

Does your worker have a registration condition?

When a registrant completes a qualification that meets the condition on their registration they need to send us a verified photocopy of the qualification gained or upload it to their ... Continue Reading →

Receive an email when we remove one of your workers from the Register

Helping you manage registration for your workers A lead countersignatory can nominate up to three people in their organisation to receive an email when we remove one of your workers ... Continue Reading →

Keeping your registration up to date

Have you checked your MySSSC lately? It’s a good idea to log into your MySSSC account periodically so you’re aware of deadlines relating to your registration and also ... Continue Reading →