Next steps for the Review of Social Work Education

The Review of Social Work Education, led by the SSSC, has reached the conclusion of its first phase and will continue with wider engagement on the questions raised over the coming year. The ... Continue Reading →

Condition for registation not met?

When a worker applies for registration and they don’t have the right qualification we can grant registration with the condition that they gain the qualification within a set timescale. There ... Continue Reading →

SQA guidance for employers on new National Qualifications

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) has introduced new National Qualifications which are now being taught in schools and colleges across Scotland. They will soon replace the ... Continue Reading →

Learning through life and work experience

Learning doesn’t just start with qualifications. You gain knowledge and skills outside formal learning, through life and work experience. Find out how Care and Learning Alliance (CALA) ... Continue Reading →

Qualifications benefit care workers beyond registration

Juggling the day-to-day demands of work with gaining a qualification can seem a daunting prospect, but for over half of all residential child care workers it’s a condition of their ... Continue Reading →