Paying your annual fee

It’s important you remember to pay your annual fee. If you don’t, your registration will end and you will not be able to continue to work until you reapply and regain registration. You ... Continue Reading →

Changes to the length of registration periods

From 1 November 2016 the registration period for all workers will be five years, with the exception of social workers whose three year registration period will remain. Who does this ... Continue Reading →

Does your housing support or care at home service have an SSSC countersignatory?

A countersignatory is someone in a social service organisation who is a main point of contact for the SSSC. Countersignatories endorse applications for registration to confirm competence, ... Continue Reading →

Does your worker have a registration condition?

When a registrant completes a qualification that meets the condition on their registration they need to send us a verified photocopy of the qualification gained or upload it to their ... Continue Reading →

Receive an email when one of your workers is lapsed from the Register

Helping you manage registration for your workers A lead countersignatory can nominate up to three people in their organisation to receive an email when we lapse one of your workers. ... Continue Reading →

What happens when an application for registration is withdrawn or rejected?

Helping you manage registration for your workers We will tell you when applications for registration are withdrawn or rejected. When we make a decision to withdraw or reject an application ... Continue Reading →

Consultation on changes to our Registration and Fitness to Practise Rules and Decisions Guidance

We are now consulting on changes to our rules and the guidance that set out what decisions and sanctions our hearing panels can make. The rules are the main documents that set out the ... Continue Reading →

Have you registered in the last year?

Remember to pay your annual fee. If you’re newly registered it’s important you remember to pay your annual fee. If you don’t, your registration will lapse and you will not be ... Continue Reading →

Are you a social worker who works in a care service?

Do you know that if you are a qualified social worker who works in a social service, for example as a manager of a care home for adults or a residential child care worker, you must ... Continue Reading →

Watch our new videos to find out about what we do and what you need to do to register with us

We have developed two new videos to help explain who we are and what we do. The Who we are video is aimed at new staff joining the social service workforce and people who use services ... Continue Reading →